Responsible Gaming

There is a fine line between responsible and problematic gambling. Unfortunately, many players and providers might not know the difference between them. That is why more and more informational resources are beginning to expand on the topic and promote responsible gambling while warning players about the consequences of problematic gambling.

Crickex openly supports the principles of responsible gambling and keeps up to all the necessary standards to provide our players with a safe and fair gaming experience. As a company, we stand for gambling being a form of entertainment with some limitations to protect people against adverse gambling consequences. 

You can contact Crickex Customer Support anytime to get more information on the matter.

Crickex Bangladesh Support Responsible Gambling Practices

Basic Rules of Responsible Gambling

As a user, you must always remember that gambling should only be viewed as a way of entertaining. Below are some of the most significant rules every bettor must follow to avoid negative gambling consequences.

1. Gambling shouldn’t be your way to make money.
2. You can only gamble with the amount of money that’s affordable to lose.
3. Set yourself a money limit.
4. Don’t ever try to chase your losses.
5. Do not make gambling your only activity.
6. Avoid gambling while feeling upset or depressed.
7. It’s never a good idea to mix gambling and drinking, so restrict yourself from alcohol as much as possible.

Basic Rules You Should Know to Gamble Safetly

Things That Indicate Problem Gambling

  • Be careful and watch out for any of the signs of gambling addiction given below:
  • It becomes difficult to cut down, control, or stop gambling.
  • You can’t stop talking or thinking about gambling.
  • Spending more resources – time or money – on gambling than you can afford.
  • You start to feel empty when not gambling.
  • Gambling until you become completely broke.
  • Using gambling to cover financial issues or win back losses.
  • You start selling, borrowing, or illegally getting things/money to sponsor your gambling.
  • Constantly raising the stakes to feel the same excitement.
  • You get yourself into debt because of gambling.
  • Feeling extreme emotional ups and downs after winning or losing the gamble.
  • Using gambling to overcome loneliness, depression, anxiety, or to escape from personal issues.
  • You start arguing with family and friends over gambling and money.
  • Hiding your gambling activities or refusing to talk about those.
  • You get irritated easily in everyday life.
  • Missing social meetings like family gatherings because of gambling.
  • You continue covering up your debts, bills, losses, and winnings from your family or partner.
  • Putting gambling over family, work, and neglecting your household duties.
  • You’re led to having suicidal thoughts as a culmination of problem gambling.

A list of things that signal the presence of gambling addiction

Reaching for Help

If you or any people you know are showing signs of gambling addiction, you have to reach out and get assistance immediately. Contact any of the following websites and be sure to get non-judgmental and independent advice from professionals that are working there: 


You can reach the help on this web resources

Underage Gambling Preventing Policy

Crickex has a strict policy regarding underage users: our up-to-date verification system doesn’t allow anyone under 18 years old to access and register at the site. Several precautions were taken to guarantee that underage users will be prevented from playing or registering an account at Crickex. If any sign of misleading or false information is detected regarding the user’s age, it will result in all winnings being forfeited and deposits refunded.

Crickex want to prevent underage gambling activity

Parental Control

To prevent your children from accessing any gambling resources, especially if you’re sharing devices, you can limit their Internet access by using parental controls. We recommend using the following websites:


Parents can use this websites to learn more about making internet safier for their children

Getting Restricted Access to Minors

Apart from parental control, there are a few other precautions that parents can follow to further restrict minors from visiting our site:
1. It’s better to have a separate profile on family computers, especially for minors.
2. You can block gambling sites using child protection software.
3. Don’t give minors your bank account details.
4. While logged in to our site, never leave your computer unattended.
5. Don’t use the “save password” feature on the login page.

Crickex Website is a restricted area for minors