Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy applies to Crickex applications, websites, services, or products that link to this policy. The primary purpose of this policy is to provide you with a better understanding of the following:

  • What kind of information do we collect?
  • How do we use this information?
  • How can this information be shared?
  • Valid data security & privacy-related matters.
  • How to contact us?

Please make sure to read this policy and check for its updates regularly.  Our team will notify you about any changes by contacting you via email or by placing a notice on the relevant service.

Crickex Provacy Policy

What information do we collect?

Below is the list of all types of information which is collected for you:
1. Any details that might be requested from you for using our Services, such as your name, address, contact information, credit/debit card details, phone number, email address, etc.;
2. Your communication data (which includes the browser type and IP address), location data, and traffic information;
3. All the buttons and links clicked, content viewed, and pages visited before and after using our services;
4. The information about your device (with a unique device identifier);
5. Your social media profile details when you contact us or connect with a social media account;
6. To improve the Services we provide, we collect and analyze your payments, deposits, and payment method;
7. Your response to our marketing campaigns (opening/clicking on emails);
8. Your phone conversations;
9. To comply with our regulatory and legal obligations, we also need information from third-party databases.

Publicly Available and Third-Party Sources

Some personal information we hold sometimes comes not directly from you but from third parties. That can be our partners, publicly available websites, or service providers. We do that to maintain data accuracy, comply with legal obligations, and improve the Services we provide. 

Collecting Cookies

Cookies and browser information is collected by our side when you first visit our website. We use that information to provide better customer service. Some particular cookies will also allow you to skip re-entering the password every time you navigate our websites.

Registration, verification, and account management

All the personal information we collect (name, phone number, device information, email address) is needed to set up and manage your account, provide training, provide customer and technical support, and send necessary service and account information. To verify your provided details and age, we are required to disclose them to third parties, such as reference agencies and financial institutions, to comply with our legal obligations.

Marketing and events

We provide you with event and marketing communications based on your expressed preferences. Using the personal information you provided, we notify you on different platforms like telephone, email, push notifications, text messaging, etc. We’ll continue to send you info about our services, products, and special offers during the whole period of your cooperation with us and even after if it is not instructed otherwise.


Your details are also needed to personalize your experience with us. We use it to give and suggest tailored content. This processing is mandatory to guarantee the delivery of only relevant content to our clients.

Risk Management

To give you the best services, we need to evaluate and manage risks to our business, which is one more reason for us to collect your personal information.

How is the information shared?

Your data can be disclosed or transferred to third parties or any company within the group for processing in compliance with this policy.

Third-party service providers & partners

To calculate our fees and benefits owed, we are required to pass your personal information to our partners as part of an agreement between us.


If you decide to close your account, we will keep the information you provided for no longer than seven years after account closure for business and legal purposes.


Knowing how significant data protection and online security are for our customers, we employ all the best security measures to protect your personal information and prevent it from being disclosed, lost, damaged, or unlawfully processed.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding any of the issues mentioned above or your personal information, you can contact us anytime at [email protected].