Crickex Affiliate Program in India and Bangladesh

Crickex is one of the leaders in sports exchanges and sport betting platforms. The company offers its clients Back & Lay, Fancy, and Premium bets with the possibility of streaming matches. In addition to sports betting, live casino, a large selection of slot machines, and live games are available on the Crickex platform.

Crickex Affiliate Program is a platform that allows all users to become partners of the company and start earning with us. All company activities are legal, Crickex has an international license Curaçao GLH-OCCHKTW0712302019. Each of our users can send new users to the Crickex site and receive real money in their account as a compensation. Next, it will be told how the Crickex affiliate program works and what features this program has.

Crickex Affiliate Program

How to register for the Crickex affiliate program?

Creating an account on the Crickex affiliate program website is very simple. To enroll in the program, each new user must:

  • Go to the Crickex website, find the Affiliate Signup button and fill out the registration form. 
  • Next, the user will need to click the “Register” button and enter their data and contact information in the special fields. 
  • Further, Crickex Affiliate specialists receive your application, process it, and approve it. 
  • After that, your personnel manager will contact you and tell you how to set up an account.

Now about profit. For each user that was brought under the affiliate program, users can receive from 10% to 40% of the profit. Payment of earned money is made once a month to a personal bank account.

How to register at crickex affiliate program

Affiliate Program rules

It should be noted right away that all actions of the affiliate program are maximal laws and transparent. Therefore, we have several requirements and rules that you must comply with when registering for an affiliate program:

  1. You can count on a profit of 10-40% of the total turnover.
  2. The amount of profit of an affiliate directly depends on the share of a member who is a level below.
  3. If you create multiple accounts to build a multi-level system, it will be a violation of the rules.
  4. The partner’s profit depends on the monthly loss. The refund and cashback made by the referred user are also deducted from this amount.
  5. You can receive the earned funds in your account within the first five days of the new month.
  6. Any additional information may be requested from partners if it is necessary.
  7. By registering on the site of the Crickex affiliate program, the users undertake to enter only accurate data about themselves.
  8. Using the platform for fraudulent activities or money laundering is a strict violation of the rules.
  9. Crickex Affiliates may use user-provided information for marketing and analytics purposes upon notice to them.

These are the basic rules of the Crickex affiliate program every user should know before starting cooperation.

Crickex Affiliate Program Rules

Benefits of the Crickex Affiliate Program

The advantages of our affiliate program are to provide users with the most comfortable and transparent tool for earning:

  • Registration on the Crickex platform does not require payment, and your account manager will also help you set up your account for free.
  • The user does not need to invest money to become a partner and start earning.
  • All payments are made automatically.
  • A personnel manager will be ready to help you solve issues of any complexity at any time of the day.
  • You will be able to track all analytics in the account, including earnings.
  • Accruals of profits in the affiliate program are as transparent as possible.
  • You will be able to track all data through the Crickex Affiliate app.

All these factors will help users get a great experience with the Crickex affiliate program and a stable income!

Benefits of Crickex Affiliate Program